Camping in SecondLife

Well people ask me how can they make an income within SecondLife that doesn’t take much effort on their part, or doesn’t cost them anything to start with, such as getting a paid account.

There are various ways of earning an income within SecondLife, one of the most common and less controversial ways of earning a base income is from camping. Which means you find places within SecondLife that pay you to stay in their shop or area for 10 minutes at a time or longer and pay you from 1 to 3 Linden on average to be there, the amount you get and the times does vary from location to location. And some locations only offer camping at certain times of the year, where as others require you to be a member of the group for that location if you wish to camp there.

Camping is by no means the best way of earning an income within SecondLife but it can be dun without much effort on your part. All you need to be able to do is keep SL running without it quitting and you can camp and earn. The amounts vary, thus there is no way of saying just how much camping can make you, but for myself L$20 to L$60 a day has been the range, and yes I’ve camped and gotten nothing what so ever from that camping which might have lasted 9+ hours (camping while I’m sleeping and or at work) those are the times when its not nice to learn that you wasted all that time at a single location, but then again some times those locations can pay out big time so it all comes down to whim and chance at some locations.

Now you are likely wondering where these places are that you can go to and earn a few Lindens from camping, well one of the Biggest is a place is Platinum World (81, 131, 23), this is a place that you can earn 10L per 10 min if you are lucky, but you can also earn nothing what so ever for your time there this is one of those places that varies for person to person who camps there.
******* FREEBIES ZONE *******, Multiply (23, 38, 22) is another place for camping, I’ve had no luck camping there myself, but Alexandra and DeaDea have had a fair amount of luck camping there for extended periods of time. There you can earn 1L per 15 min or 3L per 15 min depending on the camping area you choose, the 3L per 15 min has a max limit of 45 people at any one time being allowed to camp, where as the 1L per 15 min appear to be unlimited in the amount of people that can use them for camping.

These are just two of the camping places out there, other camping places allow you to earn Clothing and Furnature but no Linden what so ever. There are also Lucky Chairs which are a form of camping, but these chairs give away free clothing and other items even Lindens depending on how the shop owner has set them up. I have a set of these chairs in my shop myself and find them a good way of giving away what I have for sale, it does make for repeat business that is for sure, which is what other shop owners who use them count on, you get a free item that you like so you are more then likely to come back again and maybe buy an item that catches your interest.

I will post more about camping and locations for it, as time passes.



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