More Land…

Well I have finally been able to get the land that I was wonting, turns out that the owner of the SIM had only made the land available via eBay and not made it be known in-world that that was the case. That and he had the rental system still active, when he should have had it disabled, whoops mistake on his part. Because of his mistake he gave me back the 5 days I’d already paid tier for and reset the date for the land to todays date for the month to start.

So the L$4,800 is the tier for the land a month, and I bought the land for L$9,999 (a little higher then I was hoping to pay for it, but could have been higher and more out of price range that is for sure), but at least it now belongs to me, which means I can now put a cabin or what have you on the land and rent it out, and get some rental going on and some income for that matter. Though if I wish to recoup the tier each month I would have to charge L$1,200 a week for the rental of the place, not sure if I’ll do that or charge the L$800 that I see other ppl in-world charging a week for smaller pieces of land. By smaller I mean land that is 1024 sm in size, where as the land I’ll be renting out is 1536 sm in size and is directly on water.

Now I know that its actually possible to split the land I got into two so I could put two places up for rent on that parcel of land for about L$600 a week, but that would only give someone 768 sm of rental space to use (one right on the water and the other without a water view/access). But to do that would mean that I’d not have any prims left over for the business itself, so its own catch 22 in some regards, since I am wanting the extra land for its prims, but also as a way of covering its tier and maybe earning extra income to boot. I just have to work out what will work best, as in what those who are interested in renting are willing to pay rent for such a pice of land (which means doing a little in-world research as to what other people are paying for that size of land and going on from there).

I am also in the process of moving the Nyxstium Design section of this blog over to its own domain, I am just waiting for the domain to transfer over to my server so I can start building the site. I am still going to continue blogging about what happens in-world and what not, but I feel that the shop needs its own domain so that people do not get confused at what I am doing here vs with the shop. I am still of course trying to work out how the site will look, and how I’ll display the clothing to boot (am also wondering how I might be able to sell the clothing via the site, but I don’t think can get that working, but anythings possible with enough time and effort). One thing I do know is that I will be given info on the site in regards to how many places are for rent and the rate they are going for with prims and everything.

Well take care everyone,



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