Building in SecondLife

Well I have been playing around with creating two new Homes for ppl to buy to live in that will fit on a 512 sm pice of land or larger (512 being the smallest that is sold/rented).

I know that I could have been working on clothing prims instead of living spaces, but well I was needing to put homes on the extra land to rent out, so well I’ve built them now and they are ready to be rented out and the homes have been packed into boxes and put up for sale. Managed to make them low prim to boot the first one is 21 prims and the second one is only 19 prims.

Granted they are very basic homes, but hay I can easily build more complicated ones as time does pass and sell them, but needed some basics set up to rent, I know I could let someone build or put up their own, but that can change as time passes, they only have 150 prims to use within the place so a fancy places is not easy to get for under that many prims in general (many fancy places i’ve seen are 200+ prims which is outside of most rental land deals).

Well I am pleased with what I have made for the basic homes at least. I know that I’ll be creating more inventive ones as time does pass, but am also trying to make sure what I build will fit on the smallest lot out there which is 512, but might go in for some more elaborate ones as time passes depending on how things go. Makes me wish Id been able to save my home that I’d built, but no such luck it does appear/seem its gone for good or at least till I rebuild it (and at almost 300 prims, thats so NOT happening any time soon with the prims I have at my fingertips. K I could but I’m not actually interested in rebuilding it as yet (maybe as time passes I might) have other ideas on my mind for building places for people to live in.

K I do admit that my brain has a host of ideas for buildings that I could well build and sell. But I also need to focus on building furnature, such as tables, chairs, beds, benches, and the like. But then again I also still have a world of a number of clothing that I need to photograph on my modles and then make up the boards for them to sell them. Ack, work in the shop never seems to be dun, but thats not a problem. I also still need to play around with prim based clothing, such as hats, shoes, belts, and what have you that might prove intersting attached to someone.

Oh well its getting late, take care everyone



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