Mom Update

Well no real news yet to report – mom is still in hospital and they still don’t know what form of attack it was that she has had, with luck they will know shortly.

According to dad mom doesn’t look that good, but is in the best place for her where she will get the care she needs – which is true, but still I rather have her home and well then sick.

I haven’t seen her since she went to the hospital, in part because of my cold. But I am hoping that I’ll not be hacking all over the place tomorrow so I can go and see her – today’s been a real hack feast with me which means my own pain tolerance levels are freaking way down so my entire body is feeling the effects of the hacking – almost feels like i’ve gone a few to many rounds of back beating the way my back feels thanks to all the hacking going on, oh well.

I’ll post most as I know what’s going on with mom, take care everyone



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