I Feel Goooooooooooood

Chuckles, I was at a partry yesterday evening .. and out of the blue got a comment from someone who I greatly respect.

He commented on the outfit I was wearing, and how slim I looked in it. ….Siiiighhhhsssss … he is a married bloke so i know he wasn’t hitting on me, though the back scratch did feel good.

I was wearing my black corsset that I had not worn in about 4 months because It was just not confortable enough to wear for several hours on end, plus stand and sitting just made it feel worse to wear.

Well I though with the 27.7 inches lost and being down two sizes in bras maybe just maybe the corsset would fit better … and oh man did it even fit better.

Fit so much better, that I had to have my GF undo a knot in the strings and have another firend tighten it up a few notches … walk about a major ego boost!

I haven’t felt so slim in my life .. the scales might not really be moving but I am starting to get people who haven’t seen me in a months time notice something about my body that is happening, which is cool in and of its own right.

I also had out of the blue while heading home a bloke I don’t even know complament me on my outfit and how good I was looking. Now it just might have been the fact that he had had one to many (cause from the smell of his breath, well you get the idea) or it might well have been truth, I don’t know and I don’t care, a complament is just that a complament and it was welcomed.

Well take care everyone,



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