Happy Easter/Ostara Everyone

Well yestersay was an interesting day, I was over at my cousin’s with his family, and unlike myself they are Christians, his partner she is Catholic as are her children, I’ll never understand them, not ever, their faith ideas just do not jive with me. They talked about seeing that movie Passion of Christ, i was like, get me out of here, stupid movie, crack acting and like yuck big time, but I didn’t say anything of course I kept my mouth shut, but still I was pissed about the talk, sighs easter is not a good time of year for some of us.

I do not begrudge people their paths, they walk what paths they wish to walk, but driving it down my throat, and many of the intolerance’s that go with it, just drive me nuts. You’d think thank many would practice what they preach, but guess what, most appear not to do so. Which makes me wonder just how many people who call themselves christians actually are holding to the letter, of “do on to others, as you’d have then do on to you” and the like, me thinks blooming few.

Oh well post most as time passes…



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