PCOS and what Supplements I take

Well when it comes to weight loss, for myself its taken the addition of supplements to boost my body into lousing the extra weight – eating healthy and being active just wasn’t cutting it, I needed the addition of various supplements to help my body shed the excess.

In two years I was able to shed 50 pounds, with taking the supplements plus my standard healthy eating and activities.

Now when it comes to the supplements, I am currently under my doctors directive when it comes to what supplements I take – for the most part I am taking the following supplements according to the direction of my doc and the bottles recommendations…

Flex Seed – 1,000mg
Wild Salmon Oil – 1000mg
Calcium – 333mg
Magnesium – 167mg
Vitamin D – 1,000 IU )
Chealted Chromium – 200mcg
Beta Carotene – 10,000 IU
Pacific Kelp – 650mg
Orderless garlic – 500mg
Vitamin E – 200IU
Vitamin B12 – 1,200 mcg
Vitamin B50 Complex
Vitamin B6 – 250 mg
Vitamin C – 500mg
CoQ10 – 30mg
Milk Thistle – 4,500mg
Vitamin A – 10,000 IU
Zink – 50mg
Selenium – 50mcg
Folic Acid – 1mg
Ginkgo Biloba – 2,000mg
Brewer’s Yeast – 500mg
Niacine – 500mg
Evening Primrose – 500mg

Luck and take care everyone,



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