Good day to all

Well today turned out to be pretty good – even if I did only get a few hours sleep (staying up till 5 am working on a site and having to get up by 11 am not a good idea – even if I did manage to finish 2 months of work off).

As for today itself – well I went out with an old friend, who now apparently has an interest in parts of the lifestyle, and he and his partner wish to learn more about it and what not (so looks like some links and the like will be coming there way shortly), not to mention talking with them both face to face and what not and telling them my own person side of things when it comes to my own understanding of things – and inviting them to local events to see things for themselves.

It was good to touch base with him – since its been 3 or so years since we last saw each other. Not really a long time, but long enough for him to have really changed and to have in many respects grown up, which is a good thing at least I think it is.

I also got the newest NeoPets: The Official Magazine today, which is interesting – though its not as big a deal as it might or could be i think. It gives some helpful info here and there – but its still aimed more towards the younger generation then older ppl (which is as it should be since the site caters primarily to that generation).

I also splurged and used up the rest of the money I made from that focus group i was part of and got a couple more TY‘s which is cool since they where also on sale.

Well take care everyone,



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