Antiboidics are not my Friends

Sighs goes figure the moment I come off of the 10 days of being on antibiotics I come down with a freaking migraine that just will not let go (as in its been with me since about noon and hasn’t left yet!).

Sighs, this is not what I need – sighs not another one that lasts longer then a couple of hours, sighs what did I do to get this? It was just come freaking antibiotics for crying out louse the first i’ve taken in 20 years because i had no choice in the matter – grumbles.

Oh well its part of life I know, but still doesn’t mean I have to like it. I also wonder if it might be a result of eating seafood – I hope not as I like the stuff a lot, but if so, there goes another food (grumbles) that i can’t eat.

oh well other then all that today has been good – got to chat with my fur friend so that made my day brighter, what can I say two fur talking means a lot of fur balling around which means lots of jokes laughter and in general a feel good feeling.

well take care everyone,



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