Going well in world

Well, things are progressing within SL at the moment.

My ideas for clothing is coming along, have a few new additions to my designs that I have come up with (just have to take a few pics of them first). I will admit that I am mostly at the moment workin in Leather based clothing, its whats caught my attention thus far, and I will expand it beyound leather based clothing to PVC, Latex, Cloth and what have you, its just a matter of time.

I’ve also sketeched out a few ideas for the new store, and how I am thinking I will build it, and the interrior layout. Still trying to figure out the colouring that I will use, will it be marbal or some other material. I know that I will be using a fair about of glass for the font of it, mostly to keep it light open and airy, not to mention cut down on the need for extra prims for light sources.

Some of my ideas for clothing haven’t worked out (which means I’ve lost lindon with their upload, but hay its part of development, its not great but its part of how things are), the see through stuff just doesn’t seem to work right, which means at the moment that type of clothing no matter how I’d like to offer it is not happen as yet.

I will admit that my brain is teeming with ideas for clothing ideas for both males and female clothing types. some of the stuff I make will work fo rboth genders it does seem, which is cool and works out well I do think. Its almost amazing how SL can show you how a outfit will look on either gender at a glance, though nothing beats putting it on a AV and seeing how it fits.

Now all I have to do is find unauthorized clothing, as in generic clothing which has no creator attached to it, cause I don’t want ppl thinking that someone else created the clothing that I’ve spent my own time making, but as yet I’ve not found any clothing save my slacks which are like that .. sighs/growls, I know they are out there they have to be, but blue I am having a time in finding such stuff to use for a base for my designs.

I’m also going with Nyxstium: Designs as the name of the business inworld, and am attaching it to my RL business Nyxstium: Graphic & Web Design. I could go with another name, but there are various reasons for going with my companies name to start with, such as being able to port business inworld out and vice versa so to speak, as in ppl see what I can do inworld and hire me RL to do stuff in SL or outside of SL for their company or person.

Well take care



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