Land of our own…

Well its in the works, Tiff and I are in the process of buying land in SL, yes buying.

We have finally gotten enough Lindon earned between us to be able to get a place of our own on SecondLife for 29,999 Lindon for 3072 square meters of land, instead of renting a place at about 1400 lindon a month for only 1024 square meters.

Now that we will own land in SecondLife over renting it, we now have to pay Taxes .. or Teir as they call it in SecondLife. The monthly tax on the land is a little high, but still resonable for the size it is, if ya call 9,998 lindon a month resonable, and from what I have been looking at it is considered to be resonable for the land mass size. Since well a pice of land that is 4096 was going for 10649 Lindon a month (so that leads me to thinking that what we pay is fair resonable when all is said and dun).

We are getting a place that is a combo of commercial and resadentical, which mean we can both sell stuff but also live in a house on the land along with the shop .. aka place to live and place to work. K its mostly stuff that I make that will be sold since I’m the one wanting the shop … but we both wish a place to call home in SL, so we both get what we want.

Now I just have to fill my inventory with the items I have made and figure out how to sell them from the shop .. lol, K i have an idea of how to do so, but still have to figure it out 100% before the place offically opens (am thinking start of the new year for the offical opening, prior to that its in beta .. lol)

As to what going to be for sale .. well Homes and Furnature are on the menu eventaully, though at the moment when it comes to furnature its mostly benches. tables, chairs, etc till i get the scripting down for the beds (already have a few benches created that can be put on display). And am also going to be selling my art work and photos, not to mention clothing that I’m developing (have a few pices created already, just have to build on what I have). Like other shop keepers in SL will also be offering Freebie items (both my own creations and other peoples) to get ppl to come to my shop and look around.

When it comes to the shop layout, I am currently thinking about splitting it in levels, one level being an “art gallery” where ppl can buy my art work and photographs to put in their SL homes. Then having another level which will be for clothing and the like, then when I get enough stuff built a third level for furnature and other built items. Though to start with might have some of the furnature with the clothing in one corner, still thinking and having to see what will work or not work when all is said and dun. The place might not be on levels to start with, might be one single level to start with, I just really wont know till I start building the place.

Well take care everyone



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