Sighs, to soon

Grrrrrz, it doesn’t feel like he’s only been here 19 full days – feels much shorter … and in another 72 hours he will be heading back to his place in the US, not fair.

Lots has happened while he has been here, enough that I have a ring and I know that I don’t wont him to leave, yet I know he must so he can get this stuff together down there to come up here perm.

But that being said, I am still miffed with his mom and sis who have dun nothing but to make his stay here a problem (anyone for calling at all hours of the day/night) to various degrees, plus pull a stunt that to me is 100% criminal, but apparently as his mom has every right to do .. grrrs

Oh well I can only hope that like he has told me time and time again that he will be back here for yule.



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