Norman got a tattoo

Talk about funny, he’s wonted to get this particular tattoo for a while now, and well he finally got it in total it took just over 2 hours for that artist to ink him up and the design turned out lovely, will post image of it when I get a chance to photograph it.

One of the funny things in regards to the tattooing was that the artist actually was tickling him with the tattoo, ya the area that he was inking is one of Norman’s ticky places .. chuckles, watching him trying not to move was funny at times.

The artist said to come back in a months time to get it touched up and looked at, which is all cool since Norman is hoping to be back and living up here by then (then again we know how the best laid plans of mice and men can be) or if not by then at the max by yule.

Well take care everyone,



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