Ns Gallbladder – Day 4

Thursday November 26th 2015 – Well sleeping at the hospital went better then I expected, didn’t get any sleep what so ever but I only hypoed out once during the night and was able to treat it without to much issue. N slept most of the night without any issues, save that when the nurse came into get blood from him she had a bleep of a time trying to get any blood out of his arms, she tried several times as did another nurse and the best they got was around 1 or 2 CCs of blood they where very much puzzled at not being able to get blood from him as he was hydrated.

As soon as I could I went down to try and get something to eat, not easy when you have dietary restrictions and are in a hospital that offers almost 0 in the way of safe food options, ended back up at Subway for yet another salad (which I was so getting tired of, because 1 it wasn’t enough to keep my levels up and 2 it was just not very inspired on any level). When I got back N was eating his own breakfast and very much enjoying it because it was what he’d ordered and enjoyed in general (cream of wheat), so that made eating around him easer since I knew he was enjoying his own meal.

In short order the nurse come in and says he needs to move to another room because the room is needed for another person (they where making it into all women room), so he was moved to another ward room with a guy and his screaming kid. In short order though the surgeon came around and said that since N had gotten though the night without issue and the tests showed he was good plus was now in minimal pain he was free to go home.

N was most pleased to hear this, which means I called my dad to let him know and left a message for his mom on the matter. Of course we had to wait for the surgeons paperwork to get though the system but eventually the nurses get the memo and things get started in the process for his discharge and in short order he’s ready to head home, which he is most pleased with to say the least.

We get home and he gets up to our room and within the hour is sleeping in our bed and looking rather pleased to finally be home.



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