Ns Gallbladder – Day 3

Wednesday November 25th 2015 – Well arrived a tad late to the hospital ended up sleeping a little plus needing to do a few things around the house before I could get to the hospital, when I did arrive N was upset that I’d not been there earlier but other wise was in more chipper mood and was in the process of trying to get though what they had served him for breakfast (which he was so NOT enjoying).

Later in the morning the nurse came in and checked him over and said that there was the possibility of him going home sometime today, just had to have the surgeon in to see him and give the okay for discharge – that really got N happy as he was getting annoyed with being in the hospital.

Time passes, we talk a fair amount and play various games on our tablets and phones waiting for the surgeon to arrive (he never does), around 8pm N has a Clonic mild Tonic seizure and that puts the end to the option of him going home today. While in the middle of his seizure the nursing staff are trying to get him to straighten out and I’m telling them in his condition he CAN’T straighten out and that doing so is the wrong course of action! In short order he stops seizing and the Questions start being asked, as to why he had it what do I do when he has them and other stuff.

Needless to say because of the Seizure the nursing staff ask for me to stay the night, apparently they are not comfortable or confident in their ability to care for him should he have another seizure (which I find annoying and shocking to various degrees) – so I agree to stay I phone my dad and tell him that I’m spending the night. N is so NOT pleased that I am staying the night, I’m not either as I am scared for my own health as I’ve not gone without sleep in many years and since I’d been running hypo since Monday I was scared that I’d drop even lower while there without my goodies to save me. Around 11pm I make a run to the store before it closes and get pop and other junk to tide me over the night, if I use any of it I do if not then great, but I have it should I need it.



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