Manitou Springs

Well today almost didn’t happen as in we almost didn’t get to go because as soon as N’s mom n Tim went off to temple their sewer system backed up n created a mess of things that N tried to correct but couldn’t,  turned out that it was something only a plumber could fix.

We left for Manitou after N wrote hir mom a note on the matter. When we arrived in Manitou it was easier to find a parking spot then I was thinking it would be but oi it’s paid parking now not free around the park like it use to be years ago. We got the jugs from the tracker n filled them for N’s mom from the spring – Manitou has this natural mineral water spring that has a fizzy deal to it n reminds me of our soda stream water without flavoring.

After walking around for an hour we decided to get food only issue was the few places listed well the gf items on offer was salads or the place was to costly to consider.  Ended up at what we though was going to be a good place to eat since it had won several celiac awards ordered three items n the price it came in at was staggering close to 50 bucks (rip off).

The food was good until I learned that one item I’d ordered wasn’t dairyfree even though I’d asked n been told it was.  So NOT happy about that since it meant our time in Manitou would be cut short. We never got dessert because all of the desserts where made with almond flour so not even an option to have.

After the meal we made our way back to the city n stopped off at the super target in good time for the dairy to catch up with me. Got a few dvds that we’d been looking for while there plus a couple of tops for me n a few other things.

We left there and arrived home in time to get freshoned up for the missionaries to arrive (ppl who for a couple of years go around to various Mormon homes n preach their good word or something to that effect). It was interesting meeting one of the persons because he’s Canadian n from Toronto so talking to him was interesting n I think broke some of the ice. 

We all had dinner n then the Canadian missionary stumbled his way through his bible thing taking about some thing or another all I know is that I kept my peace about it since it would have made for a great debate though not likely on their end of things ::chuckles::

So all in all the day went well save for a few issues.



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