A day out on our own

Well today N’s mom had to do some stuff with her husband so she left us her car keys n a spare house key n left us to go when we pleased. 

Which meant a trip to Chapel Hills Mall which is really a big deal for many of the locals apparently but compared to the malls around here its small n could fit into the Scarborough Town Center twice with room left over.

At the mall looked around to see what had changed if anything n nothing much had changed save the addition of a 80 foot movie screen to the theater there (yawns). We ended up going to the Build a Bear workshop which was N’s primary reason for wishing to go there as hir wished to get a stuffed animal. In the end N got two stuffed animals (a mlp n a rainbow teddy bear) n I got for mom a grey mouse.

After that I said I was hungry n using one of the Gluten free apps I found out that one of the restaurants I wanted to eat at was only 7 minutes away from the mall so I drove us over to it. It was a small out of the ways restaurant that less you know about it you’d likely never stumble upon it unfortunately.

Even the owner of the restaurant says she’s not getting the customers that she once did since moving to the new location. I was also her first customer to order their dairy free ice cream something that they use to stock a lot of but now only stock two types.  Talk about flabbergasted a place that is rated 100% gluten free n dairy free not getting the customers for the food on offer.

While there the owner told us about a few of the customers she still does have only because she’s one of the few celiac endorsed restaurants in the city n they apparently follow her to what ever location she moves to because she’s one of the few trusted places to eat at.

We ended up ordering four spring rolls two with seafood n two with tofu plus a bowl of lemongrass chicken over rice noodles. Was going to order a few other things but they were not available anymore so I just ordered the dairy free ice cream n called it a good meal.

For me I’d love to have been able to eat there for more than a single meal but wasn’t able to do so. She also only cooks X amount so when its gone it’s off the menu for the day. Which is annoying but understandable to various degrees since wasting of food is never a good idea.

After that delicious meal we headed for the citadel mall to look at a few things n ended up picking up a few things like two hats for us n  a throw for Tim of his beloved sports team (the Denver Broncos) that was on for less than half price.

After that we headed to pickup dinner wings for me (lemon n black pepper flavor) n pizza for everyone else, we introduced them to a Canadian style pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms n bacon) and they actually liked it to our pleasure.  They also liked the wings I’d gotten,  as I’d gotten enough for everyone to have some.

All in all it was a good day spent together



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