Sister Missionaries

Well saw the sister missionaries for the third time, they actually where able to switch their time to a later deal because of my work schedule being what it currently is.

It was nice to see the sisters again that is for sure, this time though they where talking about getting myself ready for my Patriarchal Blessing, something that I’ve read about but don’t understand why I’d need to set a date for when I’d be ready for it, that part wasn’t explained and I’ve read nothing about such deal.

They didn’t exactly explain it either, which left me feeling really strange about it. They mostly talked about their own blessings and how you don’t share it with other’s for interpretation and other things that they where expecting to hear/read with their blessing but never got (such as a mention of marriage – shakes head).

Was interesting talking with them about the topic, though not sure how I feel about it on my own end of things other then I’m more curious about the concept of it then anything at the moment.

Listen With Love

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