#LDS Womans Session 2015

Well both N and I was watching the Woman’s session cast that took place yesterday, for a short time I was thinking I’d miss it because was having issues getting it to show in my tablet much less boosting it to the TV to be able to actually watch it full screen, but we figured it out and was able to watch it. Well got things set up mostly was puttering around doing things during the hour before the cast was to start, so listening to the music that they where streaming which was interesting back ground music to listen to while going though email and other things that needed to be gone though.

The broadcast was interesting, there was a section of the cast that addressed Childlessness but of course nothing addressing being ChildFree since that isn’t something that is welcomed with in the church itself, unfortunately. The part that touched on the Childlessness was alright I guess, but even N shook his head at it. Ya it fells like its dun as an after thought to “please” those who can’t have children like they are truly less then those who can (which is blasted annoying on one to many levels). Some of the talking that was dun, was rather boring to listen to and in truth went over my head because I just stopped really listening to what was being said (ya not good, but its how it was with a few of the speakers and how they where talking).

All in all it was an interesting cast, but some of the talks just sounded lame or something (the talk seemed empty or something) – like the one with about good friends and everything. Um ya if you are use to being around people all the time you are so NOT use to being on your own or being “alone” shakes head, it made the speak sound really strange because as a only child and someone who’s have very few friends I’ve always been one to be who i am without needing others around me to justify myself or what I do.

The videos that where shown where semi interesting to watch in their fashion, they broke up the talks nicely in general at least. The view video was the Childlessness video with a lady who is childless but still had children from within the community in her life, and was giving back to her community. Though the way she say’d “Give me a chance to Mother” was irksome to degrees since its another jab at the fact that many people see women as baby making machines and if you can’t do it then something is not right. Yes projecting to degrees, but at the same time its how one has been made to feel time and time again by others.

The talk about holding a newborn, chuckles last time I held a newborn it screamed its lungs out from the moment it was put into my arms – so ya NOT a pleasant experience to say the least (almost drop the thing when it started screaming it lungs out), so ya NO i’ve never experienced that feeling ever hold a newborn because I’ve never held on that didn’t scream its lungs out when in my arms. Older children ya what ever, no feeling there other then “Bleep they are heavy” is going though my mine or “gag it needs to be changed” so again ya not the feeling of anything other then glad its not mine or something I have to deal with daily.

Going to leave this here, because well not much to say about this as my brain is still processing things, post more as time passes, take care.



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