Long week and a Good Sunday

Well it has been a LONG week or so its felt took N to a couple job interviews with luck something will be positive for him though doesn’t stop us from going to another tomorrow (monday).

Been working on various projects for people, plus around the house. Still lots to get dun from when my mom passed. Its hard to believe that its almost been a year that she’s not been here, makes me sad that she’s not here in person (though I know her spirit is with us still).

Anyways, the missionaries didn’t come again this last week – was prity much told they didn’t need to come (yet that tune changed in church today – shakes head) for some reason. Still don’t fully understand their reasoning of things but oh well what ever, the spirit moves as it does.

Today in church was interesting we arrived in what we thought was plenty of time only to find the door closed – we went around to the other side just to see and they where open, we where puzzled but glad that we hadn’t missed sacraent as N was thinking we had (we where there 2 minutes to the hour). We didn’t sit in our normal row, but as I had experienced a week or so before if they see me there they put the dish with my GF bread on the try that will hit what ever row I’m in (its nice they can do this so I don’t always have to sit in the same spot).

During sacrament though today was really strange the family in front of us of all this their son and the father where on the blasted cell phones (the son playing some video action game and the father looked like he was doing email or something), yet the mother had the idea to tell the family in front of them to be silent (the family in front of them where talking between themselves in low tones as they tend to do most sundays that I see them). Only thing I said to N after was “he’s taking notes” and N knew exactly what I was talking about.

I know I’ve read on various LDS sites that the increase in people using their phone during service various from ward to ward and that the YSA has a high number of them who do so until today I’d not really seen that many people with their iPads or cells out and actively using them during service – counted 6 people today from teens to seniors ::facepaws:: that was a semi eye opener. If not an insult to those where where called to speak before everyone.

One that was called to give a walk was a young lady who had returned from her mission a month ago, can’t say her talk was inspiring or anything but it appeared to be from the heart. Her talk about feeling lost with what to do with herself for the first few days sounded common (from what I’ve read online) and her talk about what to do with her life now that she’d been on her mission, ranged from should she continue with her post secondary education to trying to find someone to marry.

Her words “should I continue with my post secondary education” made me shake my head, I could have sworn that the church as a whole encourages higher education as you are able to do it regardless of gender – but then her comment looking for someone to marry just made me shake my head. Ya get the education and then become a stay at home parent, such as blasted waste of a good education (or not depending on if she chooses to work outside the home in the field of her study or not) if she just ends up having children and does nothing with that education – which is a sad thing.

Well post more shortly take care!



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