#DSMA – Acceptance from April 4, 2012

DSMA LOGOQ1. What are the things about living with diabetes that you accept? what are the things that you have trouble accepting? I accept that its a condition that I’ll have for life and that if not kept in check can lead to complications, however what I have issues accepting is that the government and big pharma are able to play hard and fast that being able to afford to stay alive becomes a real issue when you have to choose between buying your insulin or food on the table or even a roof over your head.

Q2. What, if any, is the danger of being too accepting about life with diabetes? It is a good possibility that its possible to be too accepting about it to the point that you give up and don’t bother taking care of yourself because you don’t care anymore because X is going to happen regardless of how much you do to try and prevent it type mentality.

Q3. There are a few tweets about “being too accepting of diabetes” & diabetes burnout. Do u think the 2 go hand in hand? why? I think they can go hand in hand for some people but that it isn’t always the cause depending on the person.

Q4.5 How do you react to someone with greater/lesser level of acceptance of diabetes than yourself? Greater, I’m happy for them and wish I could have as good acceptance as they do. For those who have a lesser acceptance then me well I learned years ago to just let them be because nothing I say or so can change their ways in general.

Q5. At what point did u accept that your child’s development of d was not ur fault? adults-when did u accept diabetes was not ur fault? I never thought of it as my fault. I never understood why anyone would blame themselves for its development unless you already knew in advance that if you had the child that there was a 100% chance that it would develop X condition then ya that’s playing rolet with another life – but having no history of the condition and it appearing is another matter.

Q6. Is acceptance a one time thing, or is life with diabetes a constant cycle of acceptance? I think we go though stages where one accepts X things in their life but that you might have to go though other parts that you are not so accepting of (as in you can never go outside without covering up because of a sun allergy, you accept it but don’t have to like it).



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