#LDS General Conference

LDS_easterWell I hope everyone is having a good Easter or pleasant weekend if you don’t celebrate it.

Actually slept in for the first Sunday in many weeks (can’t remember the last Sunday that we actually slept past 8am actually this year) that it felt strange not setting the alarm to get up early but at the same time felt good to just be able to sleep in (save that didn’t really happen still got up at 10:30 do to body pain making it to hard to stay sleeping and felt anything but rested). Well got up and did what needed doing before getting the laptop out and tuning into the Next part of the LDS General Conference that is taking place today which is a continuation of yesterdays start, and a continuation of the Women’s Conference that was held back on March 28th.

Well it was interesting listening to the first part of the General Conference or at least as much as I was able to listen to until the feed stopped and I couldn’t get it restarted until it had long ended so lost the last 10+ minutes of what ever was going on and being said (thus going to have to wait for it to be released to re-watch things – if N wishes to do so, I might on my own depending on things go.

At any rate the first part was interesting to listen to and semi watch – spent a lot of it looking at twitter seeing what was being tweeted and retweeted. A few things stood out for me during the first part, one was the story of the boy who jumped only to find his bother right there to catch him which I found bring tears to my eyes for what ever reason that I can’t explain and still can’t explain after thinking about it, it just hit that part that triggered them without conscious cause.

4 Inch Screen - LDS General Conferance 2015Another comment that was made that made both N and I chuckle was “Life is not confined to a four-inch screen” that talk was on how things have changed and how in todays world we are all so connected that many have lost the person to person contact that use to connect us all though in a smaller global village that is for sure instead of the international global village that we’ve become part of with the development of technology over time. I know for myself and N we’d not have connected as we did without technology but I also know that we’ve both gone away from areas of tech that first brought us together because it is not necessary anymore to connect us because we have each other in our life, though we are both guilty of having that 4 inch screen before us day in and day out and not just putting them down to enjoy time together.

The comment of “God cares a lot more about who we are, and who we are becoming, that about who we once were” I can agree with on various levels regardless of what path you are walking the power above regardless of name or names to me this does apply on various levels because to me if you are even growing then you are ever changing thus your past is that the past there is only the now and that progresses into the future at every moment that you are here.

I can say that the second part was interesting and makes me wonder how the third part will be (which is in about an hours time), so post more as time allows take care everyone.



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