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LDSWell on Sunday N and I again attended the LDS church and we did stay for the full 3 hours of it – mostly because I said we would (I wonted to stay mostly because the third hour was going to include the people from the employment section so wonted to hear what they had to say, not knowing what their topic would be on – wasn’t expecting it to be related to the job centre), but also because we promised that we would do so.

We arrived just in time for service to start this time round was different turned out it was something called a fasting day where you are suppose to not eat for two out of three meals – news to me and no idea that it was happening or anything about it. Also it was interesting because they had people coming up to the front and starting to talk “give testimony” some where good speakers other you could tell don’t have that ability (they ate the mic – where hard to understand/hear) but nothing wrong with what ever it was they where talking about.

After the first hour N and I went to the second hour, which was a basic class concept that from what I understand gives the basics about mormonism – it was interesting hearing the people who where in attendance talking though to me it sounded like a LOT of saying the same thing in different ways, which I do find annoying on various levels. But it is what it is, have to start somewhere when you are learning new things though from what I heard there only one other person was new and from what he was saying he didn’t sound new – though not taken the final step either.

After the second hour N and I went to the third hour which this time round was wasn’t segragated like third hour apparently commonly is – the guys go with the guys and the girls with the girls … not my deal because I’m not yet comfortable with that side of things as yet. Maybe in time I will be but right now its just not where I am 100% comfortable, then again when have I not dun something that I wasn’t 100% conformable with to start with (I attended the LDS church with N to start with which was outside of my comfort zone and so far so good).

Anyhow, third hour was interesting as it was the Employment Centre’s people who where speaking, talking about what who they are as missionaries and their role within the employment centre and what not, which was interesting to learn. I do admit that some of the stuff they talked about was interesting and did give N and I a eye on what to expect when we go to the two seminars next week.

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone.



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