Back Again

Well we went back to the LDS Church again today, we arrived slightly late for various reasons but got there just in time to have sacrament, which was what N wonted to be there for to start with. For family reasons we where unable to stay for second or third hour, but we promised that we’d be back in a weeks time and all three hours.

Can’t do next sunday because of attending Furnal Equinox (we could do to the church closer to the con, but because of how the day is we don’t feel it would be the best option – not when we need to have our gear out of our room by 11am and I have morning meets at 930am each day of the con). For those who do not know FE is a Anthropomorphic convention that N and I attend each year, we’ve been involved in it for the past 4+ years and I’ve been on the board of the con since we got involved with it.

So as a result of FE we’re also not going to be able to see the Missionaries this week do to time constraints that we’re operating under, yes we could have fit them in but personally I didn’t won’t the distraction and since what little time we have left before the con takes place is time we have to make items to sell to earn some income its high on our list to do as much as we can to do so.

Church itself today went well, seemed to be another round of testimony going on and later that day a baptism was going to be taking place as well, would have been interesting to see in some regards but it wasn’t in the cards for this day to be that time.

Well post more shortly take care everyone!



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