Doing Unexpected Things

Well today was decent, woke up in my normal amount of pain. Got up and did some of the dishes, but never got them fully finished but got enough dun so that we’d hvae enough for dinner (which is basic that was needed).

Afterwards Norman and I headed out to take Payton and Storm to the dog park to let them run with a friend and in short enjoy some dog time before they needed to work again. After playing around in the park with their friend we piled in the car and went to return a dish from another friend.

When we arrived I noticed how she was looking and without even thinking it though I asked if she needed anything, such as groceries and BINGO that was the right question to ask. Now we where in all honestly going to be going shopping for a few basics because I had enough saved to get a few of the sale items to tide us over until next month.

Ended up getting a list from her of what she was needing and with digital list in hand headed off to do a little extra shopping then was orgianlly planned, but you know what? It felt right to be doing it, felt like it was the right thing to have asked and it felt like I was actually helping another in their time of need (so to speak). Asked Norman if he was alright with it and he basiclaly said that he was fine with it, that if it was something we could do to help them then that was alright with him.

Get to the store and unload Storm and Payton and head into the market. Storm actaully feels different to me, she I stop and stops and sits when I move she moves. This is not her normal antics around a shopping cart, noramlly she is more interested in things around her but today for some reason she was paying me way MORE attetnion and actually doing her stuff without having to me commanded to do so (beyond the odd basic – such as a hand motion to back up or turn Left or Right).

I was really proud of her during out shopping trip, she stayed with the cart and didn’t stray from it once (noramlly I have to keep a eye on her when shopping but today I almost forgot that she was there since she was acting so well with the cart). We got all that we came for for ourselves and then proceded to go through the list to get what our friend needed.

Finished up the shopping and piled back into the van and dropped it off with them, they where greatful for the service. Told them that it wasn’t a issue and that if they needed it again we’d more then be happy to help again (take one of them or both or do it). I know that I felt good being able to help them, I might have been in a LOT of pain and feeling a little down about myself but helping them picked up my spirit to various degrees and I think it felt good to Norman to help them also.

Finally got home and got dad his dinner, but sadly do to the heat and everything food wasn’t on either Norman’s or my mind not until much later (few min ago actually). Which isn’t a good thing, but it is what it is we both feel the heat differently and with the Hornet sting really cauing him pain he’s not feeling very hungry thanks to it and with the heat I’m not interested in food myself.

Well post more shortly, take care everyone!



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