Life Happenings

The day started out alright, then got worse as it went along to degrees.

Woke up in pain nothing new there as in all honestly I don’t remember a pain free wake up in years now. When I finaly got downstaires I relaized that it was going to be a cooler day, so since it was cooler then it has been for several weeks I deicded that today was the day that I was going to tackle the Fridge, something I have been itching to tackle for sevearl weeks but do to the heat didn’t feel was a good idea (not when needing to take things out of the fridge for any length of time of a parishble nature).

Only issue was because of the pain and other issues going on I didn’t feel like I would be able to do it, regardless of how MUCH it was driving me batty that I hadn’t been dun. Finally I gave in and got the rolling chair (comp chair) and started in on cleaning out the fridge, tossing stuff that was past due and in short taking stock of what we had, need and don’t need. Ended up tossing out a little more then I was expecting to toss, mostly old dressing containors that hasn’t been used in months and where now long enough past open date that they needed to be tossed.

After that I was silently screaming in pain, my back was so sore it was giving me issues and my hip was not pleased with me and of course becuase I was using my arms my sholders where less then pleased with me. But I got the fridge cleaned out and I even managed to get some lundary dun from my chair instead of needing to rely on my husband to do it all for me, granted he did help with the Freezer because I can’t reach the current one from ground level but then again I didn’t have the strength to chip away at the ice either that had formed so his helping with that side of things was most helpful.

Norman came in for a short time and helped clean the freezer out and remove the ice build up that has been accumilating in it for the past several months, after which he went back outside with my dad and that’s when the day went semi south. He ended up getting stung by the Bold White Face Hornet and he didn’t have his EpiPen so ended up having to for the EMS who administered a child’s epipen to him before transporting him to the Hospital.

Spent about 4 hours in the ER waiting around and getting some minor treatment, they mostly put ice on the stings and gave him a dose of Bynedril and sent him on his way home. Payton and Storm where very good while in the ER, enough so that even the nurces commented on how well behaved they both where, payton did a great heel next to normans wheelchair – the first time ever that he has actually heeled along side a wheelchair, he is though use to heeling along side a streacher though so slightly different in a smaller scale. Regardless I’m pleased at how the two of them behaved, they where very professional and did their traning credit.

Get home and food isn’t on either of our minds really, we had planned on Taco’s but that went by the way side so ended up doing fries and veggie mix (think taco fixings cooked up in a skillet and added warm over cooked fries and served pipping hot). After which Norman rested and is currently sleeping as I type this.

Post more as time does pass, take care!



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