1st Anniversary Brunch

Well we just got in from having brunch, and unfortunately for our tummies it wasn’t a good one as we’d expected it to be.

We ate at the same place we went to for our wedding, but their standard food that is served is sub par – at least by the standard that was set for the wedding food. The only thing is it might have been a different chief that was in this time over last, but if so then its gone way down hill.

We did order the Philly Steak Sandwich – sliced New York steak, mushrooms, sauteed onions, mozzarella cheese on a fresh baguette served with fries or salad … only problem was it was more a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich on a hotdog bun and talk about more grease then you can shake a stick at, gag and yuck. We’ve both had such sandwich’s else where that where much much MUCH better, not to mention less grease.

We both agree that had that been our first experience with the place for a meal we’d never have gone there for our wedding, because it would have left a bad taste in our mouth for doing so. The only saving grace to the meal was the salad was actually half decent that I had with it, might have only mean mixed green with a balsamic and oil dressing but it went down well.

We didn’t stay for dessert, not when the bill was already as high as it was not to mention already feeling ripped off on top of it, so we drove over to DQ where we new we would at least get something that we would like.

Well this is it for today when it comes to posting, the rest of the day is reserved for the two of us.

Post more later this week, take care.



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