Employment around the corner…

Yesterday I had an interview, it went well or at least it appeared to go well – I apparently got the job from what I understand yet at the same time I’m not 100% sure on the matter … ya a little confused am I

They had me fill in the Tax thing that is needed, so according to my folks they only make you do that when its a confirmed hire – so I am guess I can assume that I’ve been hired to work as a photographer in a studio setting for a big box location.

I will know more next week what is going on further or so the person giving the interview said, so I guess that means I can assume I’ll learn about when I start and the like, its not FT work its as needed on call stuff for the time being with more hours the closer to christmas time it becomes, and because I have a car I will not be a just one location but be working at several different locations around the GTA.

So I think I am employed as of this moment, but at the same time I’m not 100% sure its true or not (aka its out of the norm that I am use to when it comes for being hired, based on minimal past experience).

I’ll post more when I know more, take care everyone!



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