#dsma Chat n Reply – W10

Topic: JDRF and ADA

1. Describe your experience with your local JDRF and ADA chapter?
I have no contact with either the ADA or the JDRF since I’m not American, and the only contact I’ve had with anything to do with the CDA hasn’t been all that positive unfortunately.

2. Fundraising is needed to find a cure-is there a such thing as “too much” fundraising? support group needed?
Yes there is such a thing as “too much” when you get many charities vying for people money it can get annoying hearing how much they need to make X so they can hit Y. I do not see a cure of diabetes happening, but I do see more effective treatments being out there then are currently in use.

3. How can we, as pwds, reach out to national orgs like JDRF, American Diabetes Association and medical groups to show support for PWD’s?
No idea, but forming networks that help pwd and connecting with those within the medical community is a good start to helping in the long run.

3.5 What are the 3 important things you look for in a support group?
Knowledge of the condition from various points of view
Good organization
Relevant to where you are located

4. What changes would you like to see from the ADA and JDRF?
I have no idea since I know nothing about JDRF and next to nothing about the ADA other then its counter part is the CDA.



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