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Ouch talk about a little cal over load for a single meal, and I was being as good as I could be, or as was possible with what there was to choose from to eat at any rate. Took in 867 cals for a birthday breakfast with my uncle (for him it was a birthday lunch – noon meal).

867 blasted calories for breakfast, of all things. Growls at unhealthy eating places!. Here is a break down of what I had while there for breakfast with my uncle…
Smirnoff Ice, 12 oz
Water, 40 oz
Chicken Drumstick, 1 drumstick, bone and skin removed
Egg Noodles, enriched, 0.5 cup
Mushrooms, fresh, 1 cup, slices
Iceberg Lettuce (cezer salad), 1 cup, chopped
Cucumber (with peel), 5 slices
Bacon bits, cooked
Cheese Pizza, 1 wedge
Apple Crumble, half an ice Cream scoop size

K the voca cooler was 200+ cals in its own right and I could have dun without it, but then again I didn’t know that what I’d be eating would catch the cals that it did.

It was a good meal in general, higher cal then I thought it would be, but well under my fat allotment, so thats side of things is good only 29g of fat for the entire meal, so that in itself is good I do feel. That and its now 5 hours after the meal was finished and I’m so NOT hungry at the moment, and I know that I should have something to eat, but I can’t bring myself to eat at the moment I’m just NOT feeling hungry enough to do so.

I also need to really hit the gym, its been 5 days since i hit the gym! sighs, don’t want to really hit it right now with how I am feeling, but I know that I need to do so, then again am hitting it tomorrow for personal training so another day might not Hurt, after all I do have my pilates DVDs I could do, plus walk Griff. Well time will tell how things progress in that regards.

Take care everyone,



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