Small Accomplishments

Feeling proud of myself, it is such a simple thing but for me, it is something that has been a long time in happening it feels.

What was this accomplishment?

I managed to take a full shower without falling. Yes for over a year, taking a shower has meant that I have been stumbling and almost falling (which is why I stopped having a shower and was doing the best I could sitting in our old tub). Since moving it has gotten worse, and here in the apartment, I couldn’t sit right in the tub to wash my hair or myself properly. Which had become a source of upset to me and one reason why I asked for an OT assessment to help make it possible for me to safely take a shower.

The OT assigned to me isn’t what I was hoping for so am waiting for another one to be assigned, but in the meantime, during the Black Friday sales at Canadian Tire, I stumbled upon a Steel Bath Safety Rail by AquaSense. It was 75% off the original price so a very good deal. So after much internal debate, I mentioned it to Norman and of course, he was like “well get it” this is knowing we are tight on budget n would effect funds for Christmas food, but he is much like my dad’s health n safety mean more than other things. So we got it.

I’m semi embarrassed to say it, but when I took my shower I tried to not use it but in the end, I was feeling dizzy and it actually did help me stay balanced without falling. It is going to take a little getting used to but it is going to help a lot for being able to balance properly for showering that is for sure.



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