Dad fell yet again

Sigh’s dad fell the other night, he is started to get weaker in his ability to stand never mind walk with the aid of his walker.

He is also less hungry than before by his own admission. At this rate, I’m praying that he makes it to Christmas so we have at least one more Christmas together.

Part of me feels that he will, of course, be here, the other part prays he finds peace sooner.


I don’t want to have him go yet, I don’t want my dad dead n gone from this world. I know I’ll see him in the next life, but that doesn’t stop the pain at this moment.

I still need to get the courage to call around for pricing for cremation services. I can’t bring myself to do it just yet, even though it needs to get dun sooner rather than later.

My heart is breaking and my mind in turmoil. I lost my mom unexpectedly, one moment she was there when I went to work then shortly thereafter I get a call telling me she has two hours to live.

I don’t know if it is worst for a fast death out of the blue or this prolonged process that is gut-wrenching and so emotionally painful. Actually I prefer the fast version I think, then again I’ve never fully dealt with my emotions for losing my mom so that is equally not healthy or good.
Oh well, thanks for reading.



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