Seeing the 240s and more

Well I’ve made it into the 240s and its a little shocking to see the numbers on the scale. I’ve not seen that number on the scale since sometime in jr. high. I’ve finally broken the 250 mark on the scale and its only taken me about 20 odd years to do so.

It is getting ever close to my 20 pound a year goal – so far I’m at 17 pounds loss for the year which means another 3 pounds to go for the year to reach that 20 pound goal of wight loss, which is totally doable. I am so pumped when it comes to being ever closer to my goal weight, just another 29 pounds to go till I reach that weight.

After I reach my personal weight goal I’ll see about aiming for the medical weight goal of the 160s to 180s. Why? Simple I know my doc would like to see me in the 160s but I do not think that would be right for me as yet, my actual goal is to louse weight as my body wishes to do so, if I get to 200 and things are still good then I’ll look at going for 180 and so forth and so on.

I have no wish to push my body into anything that is not right for it, which means if it starts holding at the 200s mark then so be it, I’ll leave well enough along and let things hold until my body is good and well enough ready to shift the weight off (if its not willing or able to do so, then again so be it).

I know that the weight loss has been a slow process and that its had its fits and starts over the past couple of years, first while being on depo provera (lost most of the weight while on this) then while on Lupron (lost 10 lb. the month I was on it) then lost a little more the month we where married then nothing until it starting back up again this year after being in a holding pattern as my body got use to being in full menopause.

Its great to see the numbers going down again in the right direction instead of just sitting there in a holding pattern, but it would be nice to see a loss each week, which isn’t the case I seem to louse it here and there without much rhyme or reason (yes I know there is, its just I can’t see the pattern as yet on my own end of things). Which is a tad annoying to say the least, since with the PCOS interfering with the weight loss, the diabetes playing its own part (thanks to the insulin) and being post menopausal this weight loss math takes on a whole different deal it does seem and feel. But at least the scale is going in the “right” direction, so can’t complain in the slightest.

I know for the past month at work that I have been burning more calories then that which I am able to take in and that is even with eating “fast food” on occasion (McDs and Harvies mostly). I know I am NOT eating enough calories in the day, but I can’t see any way of increasing the amount I eat because one is time allowed for being able to eat and another is the foods that I can take with me to work to eat, its hard enough remembering to check my glucose levels at times to make sure I’m not running to high or to low (I tend to run high because of not having enough food in my system for it to use correctly).

I did a deal over at WebMD and it calculates that I am burning on average of 150 pound every 30 minutes of standard work that I do (standing at the camera and pushing and pulling it back and forth as I take the pictures of the school children, plus talking to them non stop as I do so) so if I am on my feet active at the camera at least 5 hours out of the average 8 that we’re in school I’ve burned 750 calories. The other 3 hours would be spent standing around talking to my peers or doing other things that having me still active and talking.

I have had my pedometer on during work and I can hit 10,000 to 15,000 steps in a day just from what I am doing at the camera with the students during the course of the day. Then add in that the equipment has to be set up and taken down and that burns more calories, I know I am burning a lot of calories because every morning after setting up my body is screaming for food big time, like its not been feed (and I know that means my breakfast isn’t high enough calories so its been burnt off fast leaving nothing behind for the rest of the work day till lunch which isn’t good at all). I’m not sure how many calories the morning set up burns but I know my morning breakfast is 175 calories to 200 calories any given morning (I do try to eat but I can’t eat heavy I have to eat what my body will allow me to), which is light considering the amount of calories I think I burn just driving to work then hauling 150 pounds worth of equipment to the actual job site location then setting it up (set up takes 45 minutes same with tare down though I can do it in 30 minutes if necessary).

On top of this for the past couple of weeks I’ve been under the weather and over last weekend was running a temp of over 101, which wasn’t great but its part of life. Just have this week of the push to go though then things will start to slow down and I’ll know next week or so if they are keeping me on or if I’m once again kicking the pavement for employment (seasonal or other wise). I already know that I am not really interested in the Prestige group, same pay and more work, longer hours (so more pay in general) but after working as I have been I do not feel that for my own health and safety that applying for the next level would be good for me (even if I could do it without medical issues), but its not to say that I wouldn’t like to continue on as I have been to degrees just without the extra equipment.

Oh well, hope everyone is doing well and will post more as time does allow for it to happen take care!



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