Rheumatologist Appointment

Well that appointment didn’t go as I was hoping it would, no answers and even MORE questions then I started with, he fells that the drug he put me on back in October is the WRONG drug for my treatment. He think’s that something ELSE is going on other then the Fibromyalgia since my pain hasn’t lessoned any (which I’ve been trying to get answered since OCTOBER!!!)

Sighs, so I don’t have further appointments with him and have been referred back only to my GP for treatment *sighs* around and around in circle I go it does feel and feeling like I’m now further away from answers then I ever was before!

He also thinks that Norman might have Fibromyalgia also since he has a family history of it and is himself always in pain, pain that we always thought was part of his epilepsy but right not actually be the case it would appear, so he has to go and talk with his GP about it and get things figured out on his own end of things now.

Right now I don’t know what to think for myself when it comes to the Fibromyalgia and the Spinal Osteoarthritis I’m actually starting to think that I might have MS since there has been LOT going on and a few things that are not part of the Fibromyalgia happening that do happen with MS (but also with a few other conditions).

Right now I’m tired of the go around and starting to think that what ever it was that cut my mom’s life short and caused her to waste away might be something that I’ve got in my genes and has been triggered and now I’m on the same road as her (I’m praying that its not the case) though at the same time if it is hoping that I get answers to what it is that is going wrong so there might be a possibility of treatment or slowing it down at least. Either way right now I am confused and upset.

post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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