Grumbles at the Pain

Woke up minimal pain which was a nice change for once, didn’t last for long but was nice to actually get some rest without waking up at level 5 pain like has become normal.

Got tacked up and headed out to walk the dogs, of course driving to get the dogs and what started the flair process but that’s become normal. Get the dogs and off walking we all go, two hours later I’m back home and my pains back at 5 hitting the edges of 6 and I’m fumbling things I’m trying to handle (trying to make myself lunch).

Get that dun and of course start chocking on the food as I start to eat it all because I forgot to grab the fizzy water that helps me swallow food = ask my husband to use the soda stream to add some fizz to my bottle of water. Get finished with lunch and head to work on my main comp to work on a site that I’ve been overhauling. Work a few hours on that before my pain level hits 7 and I can’t fit any longer.

Get up and move around cleaning up things as I move and getting things ready to start the lundary for tomorrow. Head upstairs to rest and end up taking about an hours nap, while my husband plays on the xbox. Get up and start making dinner finish and settle in to playing minecraft with my husband. Pains back to a 5 edging at a 6 and I’m actually feeling down since I know there is an event that I’ve been involved with for the past 8 years that we can’t afford to attend, I’ve got my free pass for working on the program for the weekend but can’t afford to pay for a day or weekend pass for my husband to also attend.

So feeling a little down that we can’t attend for the second year in a row yet at the same time glad because I’m starting to have more and more issues with loud places and large groups of people. Even going to the mall or Walmart tends to test my ability to get though without going into total sensory meltdown n overload.



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