Panda Express – gulp

Well his mom decided to treat us by taking us out for lunch for chinese – great I love that stuff and can always find healthy stuff to eat (love my steamed veggies and what not).

Well we get there and its Panda Express, now I had looked on their site and had chosen what I was going to order – then I saw the food, gag me, yuck and bleep.

They go ahead and order, while I am stuck looking at the food with a tummy that has lost any interest in eating what so ever – at least what I see before me that is.

He gets the orange chicken with rice and an apple juice, she gets the orange chicken with chow main, sweet and sour soup and a cup of water … they are aking me what I wont, and I just keep looking at the food trying to make snece of all the bland colours that are listed on the site as a healthy choice yet looking at it before me seem’s anything but. Its all deep fried or looks greese as the world, nun of it looks good to eat not even the “steamed veggies”. I break and ask just for a side of the “Steamed veggies”

She pays for it, and we go to sit down. I look at what they are digging into and my tummy flops on me, I look at the plate before me and sniff it, gag. I take a bite of a carrot and again ack yuck, gag me. I have no clue why its listed as “steam veggies” when its anything but steamed or do they actally steam their veggies in grsses here in the US? I was not able to eat any of it and actaylly started to cry. I was hungry, I wonted to enjoy it with them but for the life of me I couldn’t eat those vew veggies in all that greese that had permeated them.

I left so bad that I’d wasted his mom’s good will on ordering what I did, I should have said no thanks, I should have said some thing anything but getting the food. Sighs, anyhow he was so upset that I was upset that he pop over to subway and got me my regular deal that I always get when I go there (cold cuts combo on italian – naked with peppers, carrots, and cucmber).

His mom is upset that I was not able to eat the food I chose, and I tried to explain to her that i’m not use to eating food that high in greese or what not. That nun of the places I go do at home serve food like that.

Anyhow, he tells her we will walk back home that he wonts to just walk around with me, she leaves and we start to just walk. 30 min into walking I need to find a wc like right there and then, my body was so NOT ready to wait. Found the wc and talk about bleep! I guess even that small amount that I are (two mushrooms, one carrot) were enough to send my body into get ride of it NOW mode.

So that was my experance eating out here in the US for one meal – but it seem’s that less we get pizza there is nothing that I can eat out there at a resonable price. Its like all their resurants are geared to making you eat unhealthy or tricking you into it.

Sighs, help there has to be healthy places to eat here in Colarado Springs, Colarado, USA that are not to pricy – at this rate I can’t wait to get back to Canada and the healthy foods and places that I know.



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