Seven Directions, Four Seasons

go-la or Winter
North is the keeper of winter. The North is associated to the colour blue and represents sadness, humility and defeat. Winter is the season of survival and waiting. The Cherokee word for North is u-yv-tlv and translates to cold. It is the direction of the Mental, and is the path of Quiet. The key is sharing and teaching.

gi-la-go-ge or Spring
East is the keeper of spring. The East is associated to the colour red and represents victory, power, and war. Spring is the re-awakening of Mother Earth after a long sleep and the victory over go-la. The Cherokee word for East is ka-lv-gv. It is the direction of the Spiritual and is the path of the Sun. The key is coming together and honoring the Elders.

go-ga or Summer
South is the keeper of summer. The South is associated to the colour white. The Cherokee word for white is and the colour represents peace, happiness, and serenity. The Cherokee word for South is u-ga-no-wa and translates to warm. Is the direction of the Natural and is the path of Peace. The key is innocence.

u-la-go-hv-s-di or Autumn
West is the keeper of autumn. The West is associated to the colour black. The Cherokee word for black is a-gv-ni-ge and the colour represents death. The Cherokee word for West is wu-de-li-gv and translates to where it is hidden. It is the direction of the Physical and is the path of Introspection. The key is to help those less fortunate.

A’-hni’ or Center
The colour for the center is green and represents here, where we are now. The Cherokee word for green is i’-tse-yu’-s-di which means of the new kind.

Above is the colour yellow and represents peace and order of the seven worlds above.The Cherokee word for yellow is da-lo-ni-ge

The colour for below is orange/browm which represents the choos and turmoil of the Earth ever changing.



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