ENT n Audiology

Well had to get up supper early to get to my ENT appintment and well it went as expected the ENT doc cleaned out my ear and said that I need to come and see him every year to get my ears looked at and cleaned out if necessary as it apepars to be a semi coronic issue that has developed – I am hoping it isn’t truly a issue but I fear that he is right and I am not looking forwareds to this being part of my annual deal that I need to do for the rest of my life, but if it is the case it is the case only time will tell.

After the ENT we went and took the pups for a run before going back to the hospital for Normans medical appointment, ended up arriving early and then being asked if we could come back for another sesson because they couldn’t get all that they needed in the first visit – so went off and got something to munch before heading back and him going though the rest of the testing at which point we went home and got dinner ready.

He has no idea what the results of the test are, but he sees the ENT later to get the results from the test so will know in short order whats happening with his hearing, post more shortly!



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