Looks like I’ve Gained – grumbles

Well got the scales yesterday, so I weighted myself this morning and to my utter shock the scales said I was 290.5 pounds – talk about looking at the scales in utter shock.

Tried it 3 times each time got the same freaking number – tried taking the scales back and got told that they where working just fine, that its likely muscle weight that i’ve gained – 15 frreaking pounds of muscle weight in 3 weeks? Not likely i don’t think.

Sighs, if the scale is right about the weight gain what the world is going wrong/on?

I’m eating healthy, working out and am burning an average of 3,500 caloires a week – a pound a week and have been for a month now, so by rights i should be down a min of 4 pounds.

Talk about a hit to the ego to various degrees. My measurements for my arms and legs have gone up my chest has lost another 3 inches for a total of 5 inches lost this month. Waist, hips and bust are still the same – no change there. So if I have lost inches that does mean that I’ve lost weight, and if my arms and legs have gained that should by rights mean I’ve gained muscle in them – at least that’s how i’m hopping it will look.

If the scales are right and I am up at 290.5 pounds then I am offically the heavest I have ever been in my life to this point in time. If i hit 300 I am going to seriously scream my freaking head off – I don’t care if its muscle weight, I can’t afford to be that freaking heavy, my doc’s are going to have a bitch fest if I weigh in at that high a weight, sighs.

Oh well maybe by time I see one of my doc’s this coming wednesday the scales will show me down some – that or her scales will show me at a lower weight then the home scales are. Which if that is the case I am going to be really bitchy since these new scales cost 90 freaking dollars.

Well take care everyone



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