Feeling all over the place…

In the past 80+ days I have gained 15.5 pounds. Now one doc has told me that a good potion of it is likely muscle weight that I’ve gained (how much she didn’t know). I have lost 5 inches from my chest last month, but no other losses elese where (yet no gains either)

I can see some of the weight being water retendtion thanks to the latest depo shot (but since I just got the shot wednesday, its not likely that much of a water retention going on in that regards).

I have no intent on stoping what I’m doing, walking, strength training and eating healthy I’m just getting to the point where this site is pissing me off so no apparent reason (which means I’m more miffed at the weight gain then anything).

I’m eating with in what I should be eating. My minerals and vitamin counts are good and I am taking the supplements that i’ve been prescribed. I walk average of 138 minutes a day (and the walks do vary in their direction, distance and tarrain). I’m walking on the treadmill like I use to because at the moment I can’t walk on it because I lack the strength in my arms to help me push myself along (manual treadmills have their draw backs when it comes to human power).

I just got new resistant bands, snapped my old ones a few weeks ago. I haven’t been able to life weights for a week or so now thanks to the loss of motor control for lifting objects (i can lift, but at any moment the hand will open and drop what ever is in it) I know whats causing the trouble and its being taken care of (rather try are trying to find meds i can take which I am not already allergic to).

I burn an average of 400 calories a day (use to be able to do 500+, but of late 400 is about what I can manage – and i have ajusted my cals burned a week deal).

I don’t know what is going on, I am so freaking tired all the time, I can’t sleep and when i do sleep I can’t stay asleep for very long (30 min or less at times). To doc’s have no answers for me, they are like its a phase it will pass. And yes it might well be a phase, but its a phase that to me is getting worse not better.

Oh well things happen as they will, I’m just oh so freaking tired of things at the moment, if its not one thing its another and for me right now I’m over loaded and don’t know what the hell to do, save push forward and do what I’ve always dun, get on with life and do what I have to do to make it though.

take care everyone



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