Japanese Food – ouch

Chuckles, well I went out with my Girlfriend, and we hit one of the local Japanese resturants that we both have been to before, and liked.

Anyhow, talk about helping get me into calorie range … yes you read it right, it got me into my calorie range for the day. Thanks to what I had I managed to get 2203 calores in, for the first time in ages I actaully was over my bear min cal intake goal of 2100. Talk about a little bit of a shocker, K i though it would net me 2,000 but not 2200 as it did. Not upset with the cals, am pleased with the intake.

Who ever said that eating out is bad for the waist line never had a problem getting enough cals into their bodies in the first place to meet their own calorie needs.

Well take care everyone,



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