Upper Body and Core … ouch

Well it was my secone time hitting the weight room to do upper body with core weight training with a personal trainer.

It was a good experiance, though I must admit right now my shoulders are not pleased with me, nor are my calfs (but then again 70 minutes on the treadmill might account for that .. chuckles).

The trainer has uped the repeats from 3 times to 4 times per set, as in 8 reps 4 sets type deal for a total of 32 reps for all the upper body work I was doing, including the core. She even uped the weights by 7 pounds for a few of them go increase the weight I was working with (she doesn't do this normally, but most of the weights we have been working out with have been to light to start with for me, but she wishes to increase the weight slowly till she feels I've reached the right reistance for me. That and so I don't injour myself .. she actually doesn't wish to push me, since she knows I already push myself .. chuckles)

Anyhow, it was an enjoyable workout, got of sweeting, good heart rate working out, and in general I feel good, even if I am blasted sore at the moment.

Take care

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