#Fitblog QnA – TRUTH OR DARE: Words Inspiring Action

FitBlog ChatsQ1) #Truth Are you getting/staying healthy/fit/ for yourself or others?
I am doing it for myself, I can’t do it for anyone else other then myself because I’ve found I have to wont it for it to happen and to be able to keep at it long term.

Q2) #Truth What has inspired you to take “fit” action and why?
Multiple Medical conditions have sparked me into watching my health so that I am around without complication as long as possible (or at least reduce the complications to minimal impact of my life and health).

Q3) #Dare Spring Fever! Let’s be motivated not sidetracked! What are you doing to keep on track?
Doing what I do, one day at a time and keep on trucking regardless of set backs

Q4) #Dare 3 words that truly describe yourself, what others see, or what you want to be!
Strong, Powerful and Loving



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