30 Days of Questions – Day 26

Well it is now Day 26 of the 30 Days of Questions and todays question is “If You Had free fights for a Year, Where would you Visit first?

Well as many people know me and have been reading my tweets and postings you will know that one of the places that one day both Norman and I wish to go is to Ireland, thus that would totally be one of the places we’d fly over to likely more then once knowing him. Then we’d end up over on the Isle of Man mostly because I enjoy the island and my folks have friends there who I’d like to introduce Norman to, then it would be onto England to introduce him to the rest of the family.

Other places we’d like to travel to would be PEI, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick – lol in truth I’d like to visit every Provence in Canada and see the sights. I also admit to wishing to down to Disneyland for a good week and stay in park and just enjoy the sights and events.



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