#Fitblog QnA – Racing the Clock — Fitting in Fitness

FitBlog ChatsQ1) How often do you workout each week and for how long?
I work out daily, min of 30 minutes but average is an hour

Q2) What gets in the way of you completing your workouts?
Not much, only illness truly gets in the way

Q3) If you could have one thing to make working out happen daily what would it be?
Good weather, great health and if not great weather at least the open space at home with the funds to get the treadmill and elliptical of my dreams.

Q4) What are some creative ways you get a workout in?
Playing on the Wii with or without Norman, going for walks with Norman, window shopping, chasing Griffy around the ally, going up and down stairs several times a day for various reasons.



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