#Fitblog QnA – Fear Factors

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What activity would you try, if you had no chance of failure?
I’d try just about anything that caught my attention and was safe for me to do

Q2) What do you think holds you back from losing weight, doing a race, etc?
Weight loss wise I’d say that PCOS plays a factor in why the weight’s not coming off as I feel it should be coming off. Other wise nothing that I can really think of since at times I know I am my own worse enemy when it comes to working out at times.

Q3) What fear(s) have you had to overcome in the past year? What helped you?
Nothing as yet

Q4) Fill in the blank: “This year I plan to _____, even though it scares me.”
I do not know, I can’t think of anything that actually scares me fitness wise that I plan on doing this year, non-fitness wise is another matter and only time can tell what that outcome will be.



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