124 oz of milk .. ouch

Well talk about going on a milk over kill over the span of about 12 hours … shakes head … in the span of about 12 hours or so I managed to drink 124 oz of 1% milk that my dad had just gotten me.

Why so much milk in such a short period of time? Well best I can say is that for just over 24 hr before that I’d not been able to get milk at all, as we’d used it up and getting more wasn’t much of an option.

Needless to say that period of time going without milk didn’t make me feel to well to say the least and the migrane that was there didn’t help matters .. the strange thing is about 80 oz into the milk that migrane that had been around most of the day and getting wrose started getting better and my time I went to bed I was so NOT intrested in drinking any more milk what so ever.

When I woke up I was not interested in drinking my milk, yes I did have a glass but instead of downing it in a few gulps it took me 2 hrs to get though 20 of the stuff .. which means my body is back to normal habits of milk drinking it does appear.

Chuckles people say how they have cravings for unhealthy things like sugar, pop, coffee, etc guess I know what my fix is .. guess its known as MILK

well take care everyone,



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