Diabetic Care

Well starting to get back into things, was in a little bit of a burn out for a time – I still cared but I was slacking in some areas of my care. I’m still not fully back as I was before my slide but I’m getting better which is … Continue reading

1st Diabetic Support Group

Well attended my first Diabetic Support Group, can’t say I found it helpful or anything everyone there seems older then me and very uneducated in Diabetes. But guess that is why they are in the support group, not my actual reason why I wish to be be part of a … Continue reading

Diabetic Awareness – Day 29

Type 1 diabetes can take an emotional and psychological toll. For some people having type 1 diabetes may bring feelings of isolation, loss of control, and deep sadness. – #PBNFacts #ProjectBlueNovember the quote is from Project Blue November This actually also holds true for many with Type 2 Diabetes, many … Continue reading

Diabetic Awareness – Day 28

Managing diabetes requires a good deal of care, effort and discipline. It can feel like an invisible disease since others do not see everything or understand. – #PBNFacts #ProjectBlueNovember the quote is from Project Blue November

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