Restarting Ozempic – Round 2

Well, time to start things over again, was placed on Ozempic back in 2021 to help with my developed Insulin Resistance, and the 12 months that I was on it, well things didn’t go very well at all and the negative side effects were all over the place that made daily living not to fun at all.

The first time around, I was living in the Loo because I was constantly having back-end issues or I was having to vomit what little was in my stomach. Neither was fun and both came and went at random, sometimes at the same time which was a real problem (as it led to dehydration that was really hard to treat for me).

The first time around, I was even less able to eat than was normal for me. Even water became an issue to consume as just drinking a few sips had my body telling me that I had overdone it (when in reality I hadn’t even taken in 4oz never mind the needed 8+ that is actually needed for proper hydration.

When I finally stopped Ozempic I was up to 1.5mg and it was not going well for me, script rant out and my diabetic team agreed that stopping it was a good idea until new blood tests came in and I got a chance to talk with my endocrinologist about what was going on. So I ended up being off of it for 3 months and when I did finally get to talk with my endocrinologist he was adamant that he wanted me on the drug and he made the case for it protecting my heart and helping with my cholesterol (LDL and Triglycerides).

I did eventually agree to try it again, but this time on my own term. As in I was going to go at it slowly and I wasn’t going up like I had before I was going to do the clicks method and gradually move up to his ultimate goal of 1.5 which means I did agree to start out at .25 but that was about it from the .25 I am going to go to .31 to .40 to .45 and then to .5 – if at any point along the way I am going to stop and stay at the dosage for another week or if it’s not good I’ll back it down to the previous dosage and go back to that and stay there for a week or longer depending on how that week goes.

I am chronicling each day as possible to do so over on my TikTok account and porting those over to my YouTube channel and eventually over to Reels on Instagram. I had tried to do this my first time round but with all the side effects I just wasn’t up to recording or doing much of anything really (which is why last year was a big blank for a lot of my social media stuff because I just wasn’t having a good time of it thanks to that drug).

I am hoping that this time round things will go smoother and that the side effects with be less – also this time round I am going to be taking the injections in my Thigh instead of my stomach which is what I was doing to the first round. I’m hoping that the change to my thigh will lesson the side effects and make the drug more tolerable to give it an actual chance to work instead of my body fighting it as it feels was the case previously.

Post more as time does allow for it!



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