Training Progressing

Well Payton’s training is progressing as is Storms – both are getting better at listening to their specific handler while the other is actively doing something with the other dog.

Storm is still being a little butt over doing something things, but she seems willing to follow Payton’s lead so trying to work that into getting her to do things, but also i realize that I need to work her on her own without Payton around.

Norman has made the decision that a mobility harness is needed for Payton so were in the process of working on things to be able to get him the harness needed and working on getting Payton into using commands that will work with the harness system (forwards, left, right, halt, etc).

Well hope everyone is well, post more as time does allow for it.

1st Diabetic Support Group

Well attended my first Diabetic Support Group, can’t say I found it helpful or anything everyone there seems older then me and very uneducated in Diabetes. But guess that is why they are in the support group, not my actual reason why I wish to be be part of a support group I wish to learn what other’s are doing and what can be dun to help improve my current numbers from where they are (which is decent just not where I’d like to have it).

Kind of shocked me that they didn’t know all the sources of carbs, or that even protein can spike them later on or that it is better to check more then once a day – like wow.

Well its a monthly group so will see about next month if its any better then todays was.

Was told it is for Type 2s not those who are Insulin Dependant but that they can work with others who are willing to listen/learn so we will see how it goes.

Post more as time does allow for it, take care.

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